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Air Gearmotor 0.31 Hp 85 Rpm 330 Inch Lb
Item: AA8UAR
Model: M004RVR167AR3
€3,550.08 /unit
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Air Gearmotor 0.33 Hp 19 Cfm Face Mount
Item: AB7FMN
Model: 22UX55
€560.15 /unit
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Air Gearmotor 0.5 Hp 18 Cfm Base Mount
Item: AB7FMP
Model: 22UX56
€957.73 /unit
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Air Motor 0.4 Hp 20.5 Cfm Hub Mounting
Item: AB7FNF
Model: 22UX71
€242.37 /unit
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Air Motor 0.42 Hp 21 Cfm Face Mounting
Item: AB7FMZ
Model: 22UX65
€1,287.67 /unit
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Air Motor 1.7 Hp 70 Cfm Face Mounting
Item: AB7FNB
Model: 22UX67
€2,501.63 /unit
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Air Motor 1.7 Hp 78 Cfm 1.00 Keyway
Item: AB7FNH
Model: 22UX73
€286.49 /unit
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Body Air Motor, Aluminum, 1 Inch Size
Item: CH9RUG
Model: 94743
€1,680.89 /unit
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Gearmotor 1.25HP 60CFM Foot/Face Mount
Item: AB7FNR
Model: 22UX81
€697.82 /unit
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Motor Pulley-3 Lbs

Motor Pulley-3 Lbs

Item: CV3RDM
Model: 5629311
€95.48 /unit
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Oilless Air Motor 0.4 Hp 30cfm Hub Mount
Item: AB7FMR
Model: 22UX58
€390.73 /unit
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Stock 28/Skid 1Up-Nrv-11-Gr11 Air Motor
Item: CP6HQR
Model: 1UP-NRV-11-GR11
€1,075.36 /unit
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Pneumatic Motors

Pneumatic motors convert compressed air to mechanical work through linear or rotary motion; widely used in hand-held tools, impact wrenches, pulse tools, screwdrivers, grinders and sanders. These air motors do not produce any electrical sparking, thereby serving as a good alternative against explosion-proof motors. They are capable of working in both wet and corrosive environments and are available in 0.9, 0.31, 0.32, 0.33, 0.34, 0.42 and 0.45 HP variants on Raptor Supplies.

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