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Alarm Annunciator
Item: AY9ZKJ
Model: 387275
€1,352.65 /unit
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Control Unit, Central Lubrication, 0 Flow Rate, 5/16-24 x 1/8 Inch NPT Size
Item: AL7PYG
Model: DCC-00
€18.70 /unit
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Control Unit, Central Lubrication, 5/0 Flow Rate, 1/8 Inch NPT Size
Item: AL7PYA
Model: DTC-5/0
€18.70 /unit
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Coolant Delivery System, 2 Line, 1 Gallon Capacity
Item: AL2CCQ
Model: 30459
€1,789.13 /unit
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Meter Unit, Central Lubrication, 3 Flow Rate, 1/8 X 1/8 Inch NPT Size
Item: CD6VCW
Model: DTM-3
€17.48 /unit
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Mini Spout Lid, 0.27 Inch Outlet Dia., Purple, HDPE
Item: AD2MBZ
Model: 100407
€123.82 /unit
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Mist Fitting, Outlet Size 1/8 Inch PTF, Diameter 0.078 Inch
Item: CE6ARL
Model: 387603-10
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Mist Pressure Gauge, Back Mount, Size 1/4 Inch NPT
Item: AZ2VGF
Model: 384889
€161.43 /unit
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Spectrum Tag, Identification System, Black
Item: CD6VLV
Model: 37084
€9.95 /unit
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Storage Lid, HDPE, 1/4 Inch Nozzle Size, Black
Item: AH9KPE
Model: 34404
€77.41 /unit
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Straight Lube Bucket

Straight Lube Bucket

Item: CE8WEF
Model: 79040
€16.80 /unit
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Tubing Clip, Central Lubrication, 6 mm Tube Size, 2 Pc
Item: CD6VUA
Model: FT-1005M
€2.64 /unit
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Lubricant Storage and Dispensing

Lubricant storage and dispensing systems keep lubricants in an organised manner without getting contaminated in chemical and industrial applications. Raptor Supplies offers a wide range of these units from brands like Alemite, Lenox, Oil Safe, Plews-Lubrimatic and Trico. The storage containers reduce the space occupied by lubricants by storing them on racks and help in filling small portable containers, allowing users to carry lubricants with them. Mist cooling / dispensing equipment are used to cool machinery by reducing friction when fluid cooling is not possible. Raptor Supplies also offers lubricant storage and dispensing system accessories like breather vents for preventing safety hazards due to pent-up fumes in the containers and nozzles, allowing lubricants to pour directly from the containers.

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