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Corded Hand Lamp 60 Led 50 Feet Cord
Item: AB6UVP
Model: 22FH96
€152.88 /unit
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Fluorescent Hand Lamp Ballast, 13W, 16/3 SJTOW, 7.62m
Item: CG9XJX
Model: 1301080128
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Hand Lamp Led 5w 50ft Cord
Item: AC4CFC
Model: 2YKN4
€107.02 /unit
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Hand Lamp, 13W, GFCI Plug, 25 Feet Length
Item: CG9XKE
Model: 1301080124
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Hand Lamp, Wet Location, Guard 14/2 SOOW 30.48m
Item: CH2BQE
Model: 1301050040
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Incandescent Hand Lamp, Wet Location, 100W, Globe, Ungrounded Guard
Item: CH2CYY
Model: 1301030029
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Rubber Hand Lamp 75W, Transformer, Reflector Guard, 14/2 SOOW, 7.62m
Item: CH2BQP
Model: 1301050028
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Rubber Hand Lamp with 300W, Open End Guard, 15.24m 16/3 SOOW, In-line GFCI
Item: CG9XNT
Model: 1301020150
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Rubber Hand Lamp with 300W, Open End Guard, Receptacle, 30.48m 16/3 SOOW
Item: CH2CJQ
Model: 1301020195
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Rubber Hand Lamp, 100W, Quick Open Guard, Reflector, 7.62m, 16/3 SOOW
Item: CH2RDR
Model: 1301020081
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Rubber Hand Lamp, 100W, Screw Release Guard
Item: CH2UMA
Model: 1301020126
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Rubber Hand Lamp, Nylon Quick Open Guard, Receptacle, 15.24m 16/3 SOOW
Item: CH2CTW
Model: 1301020221
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Hand and Portable Lamps

Hand and portable lamps provide portable illumination, ensuring visibility in areas where a fixed light source may not be readily available. They are compact and lightweight, making them ideal for various applications and settings. Hand lamps are equipped with handles or grips, allowing users to carry and direct the light as needed. Portable lamps often come with built-in batteries or power cords for flexible usage. These lamps are used at construction sites and in workshops & camping trips.

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