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Belt Hog Pulley Alignment Tool
Item: CE8EUH
Model: LP-1
€1,489.09 /unit
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Connector Removal Tool Kit 3 Pc
Item: AC3FCP
Model: KR-260
€276.37 /unit
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Cordless Wrap/unwrap Kit 4 Piece
Item: AC3FAN
Model: PTX-KIT1
€664.79 /unit
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Die Connector

Die Connector

Item: BK9JFF
Model: K2-38R-CC
€3.55 /unit
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Extraction Tool Dip/ic 4 Inch 24 - 40 Pins
Item: AB7RKT
Model: EX-2
€37.70 /unit
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Magnetic V-Block, Grade ASME 0, 2 Pieces, Hardened Steel
Item: CR4THG
Model: 6889-3
€2,369.72 /unit
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Item: CU4NXR
Model: 154B
€83.13 /unit
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Pulley Alignment Trainer, Aluminium
Item: CE8EUM
Model: PAT
€954.55 /unit
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Roller Bearing V-Block Set, Grade Asme 0, 2 PK, Steel, 3 7/8 Inch Height
Item: CR4UPF
Model: 6888-1
€1,181.36 /unit
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Spring Adjuster Push/Pull, 6 1/2 Inch
Item: CE2FXJ
Model: 51-1861
€2.96 /unit
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Wire Wrap Bit Wire Gauge 22 - 24
Item: AF6RED
Model: KB224LH
€85.58 /unit
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Wire Wrapping Sleeve 5 Inch 18 Awg
Item: AC3GAP
Model: P2224-5
€59.09 /unit
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Communications Tools

Communications tools are ideal for telephone and cable installations. They include alignment tools, connector tools, IC insertion and extraction tools, wire wrap & unwrap tools and accessories. These alignment tools provide accurate, up-to-the-mark and efficient communication and offer quick connection and removal of cables. They are suitable to install the F and BNC coaxial cables swiftly and are used on building boards for phone circuits to fold / undo circuit wiring quickly.

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