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Electric Winches

Motorized pulling machines for moving heavy loads or towing vehicles with less effort than manual winches; used in construction, pipe fitting, iron work, equipment / plant maintenance, auto shops, garages and machine shops

Atv/Utv Electric Winch, 12VDC, 1.1 hp, 3 Stage Planetary Gear
Item: CH6HMG
Model: 101020
€540.75 /unit
Portable Electric Winch Hp 24vdc
Item: AE8KLF
Model: 885005
€699.00 /unit
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Hydraulic Winches

Ideal for tow, utility and trailer applications with pulling capacities up to 12000 lb. Two-stage planetary geartrain provides faster line speeds and heavy-duty automatic disc brake provides reliable performance

Winch Accessories

Includes accessory kits, multi-mount carriers, flatbed mounting plates, quick-connect power cables and rope tension kits for repairing old and worn-out parts of winches and for mounting them on various surfaces

Universal Flatbed Carrier Capacity 9500 Lb
Item: AA4LVZ
Model: 13942
€173.38 /unit
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Heavy Duty Accessory Kit For Winches
Item: AA8BFM
Model: 29460
€622.52 /unit
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Multi-mount Carrier Capacity 9500 Lb
Item: AA4LVY
Model: 26370
€401.76 /unit
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Wire Rope Tension Kit For
Item: AC9UMX
Model: 31149
€133.56 /unit
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Winch Accessory Kit Medium
Item: AF7CUV
Model: 88900
€301.76 /unit
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Winch Remote Control Switches

Allows controlling your winch from areas within a determined radius. Compatible with all Warn truck and SUV self-recovery winches with a 5-wire control pack or contactor with a durable key fob for convenient storage

Wireless Remote Control 2 Functions
Item: AF8YJT
Model: 90287
€273.53 /unit
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About WARN

Warn electric winches are used for moving heavy loads or towing vehicles with lesser effort than manual winches. These units feature a low-profile design and a control box for a wide range of mounting options. They can pull loads horizontally or lift & lower them vertically. They are integrated with a 3-stage planetary geartrain for reliable operation and an exclusive brake design for superior control while winching. They have a high-speed motor that provides fast line speed and strong pull. These units are available in heights ranging from 6 to 11 inches. The company also offers SAE J706 hydraulic winches for pulling heavy equipment or large objects for a long period of time. They feature a positive locking clutch to prevent the winch from shifting out of gear and have a maximum load capacity of 12000 lb.

Major Trade Names

ProVantage Winches

These Powersports winches are the ultimate recovery tool for a small quad, a side x side or a big ATV. They feature an all-metal, three-stage gear train for excellent durability and a patented disc br...Read more 

Ascent Front Bumpers

They feature a low-profile design with precise angles for maximising approach angles while optimising off-road performance. They can fit mid-frame winches like the ZEON & ZEON platinum and are equippe...Read more 

WARN Competitive Advantages

Spydura Synthetic Ropes

These synthetic winch ropes are made of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene to ensure excellent tensile strength & abrasion resistance. They feature a red, heat-resistant sleeve for protecting the first layer of rope against high winch drum temperatures and a ballistic nylon sliding sleeve that covers the rope from sharp objects to resist abrasion during winching. They have a urethane coating to protect against debris & UV, and inhibit the rope from abrading or fraying.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should a Warn winch spool from the top or the bottom?

The cable should always pull from the bottom of the drum.

Can Warn winches get wet?

Even the brand's non-waterproof winches can get wet and face occasional dunking in water.

What related accessories are offered by Raptor Supplies?

Raptor Supplies offers various winch parts including multi-mount carriers, quick-connect power cables, flatbed mounting plates and rope tension kits for repairing old and worn-out parts of winches or for mounting them.

Can I use Warn winches for both vehicle recovery and industrial applications?

Warn offers a line of winches for vehicle recovery, including off-road vehicles like jeeps, trucks and SUVs. These winches feature high-line pulls and rugged construction to handle demanding applications with maximum efficiency. Warn winches are also ideal for industrial applications like construction, mining, forestry and heavy industry. They feature heavy-duty construction, high pull lines and versatile mounting options for ease of operation. These winches allow tasks like lifting and pulling heavy loads, tensioning and securing cargo.

Are Warn winches weather-resistant?

Yes, Warn offers a wide range of water-resistant winches, including VR EVO, AXON and VRX Series winches, as well as heavy-weight & speciality winches with IP68-rated waterproof construction for a complete watertight enclosure, providing maximum reliability even under conditions of prolonged submersion.

How do I properly maintain and store my Warn winch?

  • Use the winch on a regular basis. Users can also run the winch cable out about 10 feet and back to test the working when the winch is not in use for a long time.
  • Inspect the line and keep the winch, rope and switch control clean to improve the service life of the mechanical device.
  • Use a dry towel or clean rag to remove accumulated dirt and debris.
  • Inspect all bolts & electrical connections, as well as the battery in case of portable models.
  • Tighten all connections securely.
  • Check for wear, flat spots and broken strands on the wire rope to minimise the risk of damage. Replace the cable, if required.
  • No lubrication is required for the life of the winch.