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Tolco Corporation offers innovative and high-quality products for cleaning professionals providing services in food service, janitorial, beauty and barber, animal health and auto detailing markets. The Tolco products catalogue includes trigger sprays, spray bottles, pumps and dispensing systems, door wedges, traffic cones, barricade lights, dusters, measuring cups, spill berms and right-to-know labels. Tolco spray bottles are made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and ideal for dispensing mixed cleaning chemicals. These spray bottles have a maximum capacity of 8 litres and feature an adjustable spray nozzle, offering spray patterns ranging from fine mist to jet stream or vice-versa, for cleaning delicate surfaces or tough-to-remove grime. Tolco also offers a wide range of secondary labels designed to identify hazardous chemicals in any facility and to display information regarding physical and health hazards of chemicals in a facility.

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