For 75 years, Supco has been manufacturing replacement parts and test instruments for the HVACR industry. The company is headquartered in Allenwood, New Jersey and operates proprietary manufacturing facilities in the Midwest, New Jersey and abroad. Read More


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HVAC and Refrigeration Filter

HVAC ControlsView all

  • Cooling Equipment Relays

    Includes single-phase hard start & capacitor overload relays ideal for starting compressor motors with power ratings up to 5 hp. Feature voltage sensing and can be used with up to 325 µF capacitor size. Super-boost Series to increase torque up to 600% also available

  • Defrost Thermostat
  • Duct Pressure Switches
  • Fan and Limit Controls

    Includes limit controls, plenum thermostats and snap disc controls for temperature control applications. UL-listed & CSA-approved SHL Series plenum thermostats feature bimetal for controlling the temperature. Available in voltage ratings of 120, 240 and 480VAC

  • Line Voltage Thermostats
  • Pilot and Ignition Components

    Includes silicon carbide & silicon nitride igniters having either 18 gauge copper wires or high temperature fiberglass insulated lead wires. Ideal for replacing OEM parts in furnaces, boilers & heaters. Feature lower power consumption, higher resistance to oxidation & faster response time

  • Sequencers

    Q Series sequencers, field proven for controlling heat systems and oil, gas & electric furnaces. UL & CSA approved and equipped w/ a 24V control circuit. Turn ON & OFF during 1 to 110 seconds

  • Steam Traps
  • Thermostat Guards

A/C RefrigerationView all

Refrigeration Test EquipmentView all

  • Gauges and Electronics

    Includes 4-1/2 digit LCD & 10-segmented LED, digital & electronic vacuum gauges with single / double, 1/4 inch male flared connection. Powered by three AA batteries or a 9V battery. Vacuum range of 0 to 19000 microns for air conditioning, refrigerator evacuation & laboratory testing applications

Air TreatmentView all

  • Humidifier and Dehumidifier Accessories

    24 & 120 V universal humidifier solenoid valve, replacement kits, designed for replacing OEM solenoid valves, used on humidifiers. Also include mounting brackets & fittings to replace the existing valves. Facilitate easy wrench-in installation

Electric Heaters and AccessoriesView all

  • Electric Unit Heater Accessories

    Replacement duct heater coil kits having heavy-gauge nichrome construction w/ welded terminal bolts for low resistance. Include 2 male & female bushings, terminal screws, nuts & washers to make a proper repair in strip heaters, electric furnaces, air curtains & duct heaters


The company's extensive catalogue includes chart recorders, data loggers, gauges, thermostats, temperature alarms, thermometers and megohmmeters. Supco data loggers are designed for concise measurements of critical environmental conditions, such as temperature, humidity and indoor air quality. They feature a user-selectable stop button on memory-full situations for continuous recording & real-time monitoring. These devices are powered by a 3V lithium coin-cell battery for minimum power drainage. They are compatible with Windows-based systems and are equipped with a USB interface. Supco offers IAQ Series indoor air quality monitors to identify sick building syndrome caused due to increased levels of CO2 and measure temperature & humidity levels. These monitors feature a non-dispersive infrared sensor for CO2 level detection & an audio-visual CO2 alarm with a sound range of 80 dB to alert when the CO2 levels are high. Choose from a wide range of these indoor air monitors and other brand products, such as capacitors, relays, valves, switches, and surge protectors on Raptor Supplies.

Things To Consider

Cross-Reference Alternatives

Supco MPNs generally cross individual references to the equivalent Little Giant and Dayton model numbers. So, if you're looking for fan & limit controls, cooling equipment relays or heating unit accessories that are either out of stock or obsolete, chances are Raptor Supplies has the alternate product available.


These Supco products range from small to large sizes. They may require careful packaging as some items might get damaged while shipping. Hence, these items are delivered by courier shipment and air freight for minimum downtime.

Major Trade Names

TugBoat Compressor Tote

TugBoat Compressor Tote is a compressor caddy system designed to easily carry HVACR compressors. It has heavy-duty steel construction and can accommodate all types of compressors. It further comes wit...Read more 

Super Boost Capacitors

Super Boost Capacitors provide an extra boost of power to start up hard-starting air conditioning and refrigeration compressors. They operate by temporarily storing electrical energy and then releasin...Read more 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Supco's start capacitors and run capacitors?

Supco start capacitors provide the extra boost of power needed to start a motor or compressor, whereas run capacitors helps to maintain the motor's or compressor's running speed and efficiency. Start capacitors are designed to be used only during the start-up process, while run capacitors are in use throughout the motor or compressor's operation.

How do I choose the right capacitor for my HVACR system?

Choosing the right capacitor involves matching the capacitance, voltage and other specifications of the capacitor to the requirements of the motor or compressor in your system.

How to wire Supco potential relays?

  • Turn off power to the device where the potential relay will be installed.
  • Identify the start winding and run winding of the motor or compressor that the potential relay will control. The start winding typically has the highest resistance, and the run winding has lower resistance.
  • Connect the start winding and run winding of the motor or compressor to the potential relay. The wiring diagram provided with the potential relay will indicate which terminals to use for each winding.
  • Connect the common terminal of the potential relay to the common wire of the device.
  • Connect the start capacitor to the start winding and the potential relay.
  • Connect the run capacitor to the run winding and the potential relay.
  • Turn on power to the device and test the potential relay to ensure that it is functioning properly.
  • It is important to follow the wiring diagram provided with the potential relay to ensure proper installation and avoid damage to the device or potential relay.

How do I install Supco's motor start kits?

  • Connect the start capacitor and potential relay to the appropriate terminals on the motor.
  • The specific wiring diagram varies as per the particular kit and motor being used.

Why are Supco cooling equipment relays used?

Supco cooling equipment relays are equipped with single-phase hard start & capacitor overload relays for starting compressor motors with power ratings up to 5 hp. They feature voltage sensing and can be used with up to 325 micro F capacitor size. The brand's Super-boost Series are designed for providing increased torque up to 600%.

Brand Exclusive Products