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Blade-Style Digital Depth Gauge, 0-6 Inch/0 mm to 150 mm Range
Item: CR4RDM
Model: 1144-150A
€283.00 /unit
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Cap Test Gauge, Hardcoated Aluminium, NST Thread, 2-1/2 Inch Thread Size
Item: BX7ZQT
Model: AFC250F-TGWP
€370.55 /unit
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Depth Gage

Depth Gage

Item: CT3UPU
Model: 443Z-9RL
€747.21 /unit
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Depth Gauge Extension Base, Compatible With Insize 1147, Stainless Steel
Item: CR4QEH
Model: 6141-320
€107.23 /unit
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Dial Gauge, Metric, 25mm Range, .010mm Division, 57mm Dia., No Brake
Item: CL6JXK
Model: H-4465.25
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Digital Depth Gauge, 0 Inch To 12 In/0 mm To 300 mm Range, +/-0.03 mm Accuracy, Full Base
Item: CR4QWD
Model: 1147-300WL
€531.00 /unit
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Gauge Pressure 1-1/2 Inch 30 inch Hg Vac to 0
Item: AH7HFX
Model: PEM1397LF
€21.59 /unit
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Mechanical Depth Micrometerch to Inch Range, +/-0.00012 Inch Accuracy
Item: CR4TKZ
Model: 3240-4
€197.72 /unit
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Process Gauge, 10 Figure Interval, 5 Minor Gradient
Item: BX7MVK
Model: PGS600
€144.03 /unit
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Stainless Panel Builder Gauge, 100 Figure Interval, 10 Minor Gradient
Item: BX7MRX
Model: PBLSS400
€144.54 /unit
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Vacuum Gauge 1/4 Inch Flare
Item: AA4HYQ
Model: 710-202-G1
€366.36 /unit
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Vacuum Gauge, Digital LCD, with Battery, Hook and Pouch
Item: AF6DFZ
Model: 69080
€328.22 /unit
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Refrigeration Test Equipment

Refrigeration test equipment are used to monitor HVAC lines for analysing the pressure & temperature levels using vacuum & micron gauges. Raptor Supplies offers a wide range of these test equipment from brands like Dixon, Honeywell, Yellow Jacket, Supco & more. The temperature meters ensure a safe ambient refrigerant temperature, before adding a new one as it travels through the system. Vacuum gauges feature a thermal conductivity sensor for maintaining the temperature inside the vacuum and an LCD screen to accurately display the readings. They are further equipped with a connection cord for providing fast data transfer rates. These gauges are powered by battery cells for a portable operation.

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