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Acme Flanges

Steel made acme flanges used for mounting objects to an acme lead screw. Designed for use with linear actuators

Acme Flange

Acme Flange

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Acme Nuts

Designed for use with high load bearing Acme threaded screws, studs and rods. Can handle dynamic loads up to 31034 lb and offered in different overall diameters

  • ACME Series, Acme Nut
  • ACME Series, Acme Nut
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Acme Screws

Suitable for application where a heavy-load is applied to the screw while maintaining slow rotational speed. Available in different lengths and screw diameters

ACME Series Screws

ACME Series Screws

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Actuator Accessories

Includes controllers for use with LT Series actuators and extension cables, and foot switches and handsets for use with LC Series controllers

Controller For Light Series Actuators
Item: AE3RYR
Model: LC2B-223112
€123.95 /unit
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Handset For Lc Series Controller
Item: AE3RYT
Model: LH1-111-1016
€47.29 /unit
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Cable For Light Actuators And Lc Controller
Item: AE3RYV
Model: LTEC
€5.12 /unit
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Electro Mechanical Actuators

Used to convert electrical energy into linear displacement to allow controlled movement of tools / components to a particular position. Feature a gear / belt / acme drive system and offered in a TEFC / TENV / IP66 enclosure

Mechanical Actuators

Ideal for application in satellite dish positioning and for moving heavy-equipment. Include a variety of ball screw and machine screw actuators, and offered in aluminium / cast iron / ductile iron variants in different hp ratings

Machine Screw Actuator 500 Lb 12 Inch Travel
Item: AC3YFP
Model: M2555-12
€923.34 /unit
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Duff-Norton is an ISO 9001 certified leading manufacturer of reliable and high-quality rotary unions, acme and ball screws and nuts, linear actuators, screw jacks, electric cylinders and rail maintenance equipment. These products are ideal for applications in healthcare, metal fabrication, construction, packaging, food & beverage, material handling and transportation industries. Duff-Norton Rotary Union catalogue comprises DWA, 5000, 8000 and 9000 Series rotary unions. The 9000 Series rotary unions are suitable for use with water, steam and hot oils and can withstand up to 250 psi pressure. They feature NPT connection, carbon steel or stainless steel construction and a bellows sealing system. The heavy-duty Duff-Norton ball screw actuators are mainly designed to create linear motion without friction. They include a ball recirculator, ball screw nut and ball screw spindle, available in aluminium / cast iron housing and in different power and efficiency ratings. The brand offers a wide range of these actuators and other company products, such as acme flanges and rotary union cartridges.

Things To Consider


Duff-Norton screw jacks & linear actuators are suitable for courier shipment & air freight. They require simple packaging, depending upon the product dimensions.

DUFF-NORTON Competitive Advantages

Smart Linear Actuators

Duff-Norton smart linear actuators combine intelligent solutions with robust machinery to allow simple installation, configuration and operation, allowing systems to be up and running quickly and reliably. Smart actuators are easier to set up, operate, adjust, troubleshoot and monitor by incorporating intelligent capabilities, such as those available from a variable frequency drive (VFD) or electronic programmable limit switches (EPLS).

Frequently Asked Questions

How to select linear actuators?

  • Determine the amount of force required to move and hold the load.
  • Determine the AC or DC motor voltage needed to operate the actuator.
  • Determine the distance the actuator needs to move.
  • Determine the speed required at which the linear actuator moves the load.
  • Determine the relative position or direction in which the force is applied.
  • Based on your project choose a type of linear actuator.

Where are Duff-Norton screw jacks used?

Screw jacks from Duff-Norton are used to lift, position (push, pull, tilt and roll) and support a wide range of loads. They are ideal for plastics machinery, beverage bottling systems, aircraft assembly and paper manufacturing. Screw jacks range in size from mini screw jacks that can support up to 1000 pounds to acme screw jacks that can support up to 350 tonnes and everything in between.

How to install linear actuators?

It is critical to mount the actuator to avoid side loading and eccentric loading. A clevis mount actuator should be able to pivot freely on its clevis pins. There should be no brackets or supports restraining the actuator housing or outer tube. The actuator should be mounted so that the load is applied along the longitudinal axis of the translating tube, thereby improving the actuator's performance and life.