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A/c Charge Guard 4 Inch Length Cream White
Item: AF8ANC
Model: 72162
€136.39 /unit
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Bleeder Attachment

Bleeder Attachment

Item: CH9RKL
Model: 3787
€258.78 /unit
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Fluid Evacuator Pneumatic 4 Gallon
Item: AF6VUJ
Model: 20KY58
€170.90 /unit
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Refrigerant RRR Machine A/C 36 Inch length
Item: AH9VFX
Model: AC-1234-6
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Refrigerant RRR Machine, Auto, 330 lb Filter-Drier Capacity
Item: CN2TMK
Model: AC1234-9
€15,381.87 /unit
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RRR Machine Hybrid Vehicles A/C 36 Inch length
Item: AH8JLT
Model: 34788NI-H
€7,964.41 /unit
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Suction Gun 12 Ounce Grey
Item: AC8JHR
Model: 3APG2
€75.00 /unit
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Suction Gun 14 Ounce Clear
Item: AA6ZBA
Model: 15F215
€106.27 /unit
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Suction Gun 16 Ounce Black
Item: AB4QAU
Model: 1ZTC6
€44.52 /unit
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Suction Gun 18 Ounce Blue
Item: AF2NMR
Model: 615
€55.65 /unit
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Truck Drain High-impact Polypropylene
Item: AF6VTK
Model: 3667
€924.49 /unit
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Vehicle Coolant Exchanger
Item: AA9MYQ
Model: 75700
€4,928.53 /unit
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Automotive Lubricants

Automotive lubricants include fluid evacuators and suction guns designed for efficient fluid extraction and suction in automotive maintenance and servicing tasks. These tools are used for draining or extracting fluids such as oil, coolant, transmission fluid, and brake fluid from engines, transmissions and differentials.

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