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  • Cables Cable Locks and U Locks

    Lightweight, flexible and durable coiled / non-coiled security cables for use in parking lots or construction sites. Vinyl and zinc finish variants in different lengths and thicknesses available

  • Combination Padlocks

    Three- and four-digit resettable combination locks made from high-quality cut-resistant metal to secure lockers, luggage and other items without a key

  • Control Keys

    Designed for use with ABUS combination locks to unlock them in case the combination is lost or forgotten

  • Disc Padlocks

    Corrosion-resistant locks for use with chains and hasps to secure doors and gates. Feature unique disc shape to provide 360 degree all-round protection and available in keyed-alike and keyed-different variants

  • Hasp Locks

    Corrosion-resistant hasps with hidden padlocks used to secure double wing doors and gates without rebate

  • Keyed Alike Padlocks

    Aluminium / brass / steel padlocks featuring a one-key-fits-all design to secure lockers, cabins or garages. Every padlock comes with two keys.

  • Keyed Different Padlocks

    Weather- and corrosion-resistant padlocks to secure warehouses, factory gates, lockers and containers. Feature multi-pin precision cylinder for maximum security

  • Master Keyed Padlocks

    Open with a particular key and a master key that opens all the padlocks. Ideal for application where a large number of people require access

  • Padlock Guards

    Corrosion-resistant solid-steel hasps and locks for additional security of transport and storage containers. Available in keyed-alike and keyed-different variants

  • Rekeyable Padlocks

    Used to restore security quickly and easily when the keys are lost by allowing replacement of only the cylinder. Made of brass / hardened steel and available in key-retaining and non-retaining variants

  • W-Shaped and U-Shaped Padlocks

    Corrosion-resistant brass padlocks designed specially to provide protection against bolt cutters. Available in alike and different key types

Key Control IdentificationView all

  • Key Boxes

    Designed to safely store up to 14 code cards or 20 keys to provide quick and easy access to multiple people. Feature solid metal housing and zinc die-cast locking cover for outdoor use

About ABUS

ABUS designs and manufactures mechanical and electronic security solutions for commercial, residential and industrial applications. The ABUS catalog comprises combination, disc, lockout, W- / U-shaped and keyed alike / different padlocks, cable locks, control keys and hasps made of high-quality brass, aluminium, cast iron or hardened steel. ABUS padlocks are designed for use with chains and hasps to secure lockers, cabins, warehouses, and transport and storage containers. To secure two-wheelers in parking lots or garages, a variety of flexible and durable coiled / non-coiled ABUS bike locks are also available. Choose from a wide range of these ABUS locks on Raptor Supplies.

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