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Bench/floor Electrode Oven Type 300
Item: AE4ATF
Model: 1200200
€3,702.12 /unit
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Electrode Welding Oven
Item: AF2VTW
Model: 1205531
€2,388.38 /unit
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Electrode Welding Oven, 50 lb, 100 - 300 deg F, Type 5
Item: AF2VTV
Model: 1205523
€1,376.24 /unit
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Oven Portable Welding
Item: AC9UHZ
Model: 1205520
€1,920.35 /unit
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Portable Welding Oven Type 1 300 Degrees
Item: AC9UHX
Model: 1205500
€638.05 /unit
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Portable Welding Type 2 100-300 Degrees
Item: AC9UHY
Model: 1205510
€1,217.09 /unit
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Rod Storage Container

Rod Storage Container

Item: AE9FFV
Model: KH550
€18.68 /unit
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Welding Ovens and Accessories

Welding ovens are electrode drying / stabilisation / holding ovens, designed to heat-treat welding metals. Raptor Supplies offers a wide range of Dryrod welding ovens that prevent electrodes from absorbing moisture. The bench welding rod ovens are ideal for use in stationary applications to maintain the integrity of rod coatings and prevent cracks or porosity. They feature a fibreglass insulation and can withstand exceptionally high temperatures.

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