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Brush Trim And Touchup Kit
Item: CH4PUC
Model: 2007131
€4.98 /unit
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Disposable Tank Strainer 10-5/8in 2.8gal - Pack Of 20
Item: AF2KRX
Model: PTS-2GAL-K20-200
€235.83 /pack
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Flex Paint Shield Polypropylene 36 Inch 18 Inch Hndl
Item: AB3HXE
Model: 28051
€74.45 /unit
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Paint Brush Comb Black Wire
Item: AG9FKQ
Model: 140910100
€14.50 /unit
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Paint Brush Comb Black Wire
Item: AG9FKT
Model: 140910300
€23.44 /unit
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Paint Stir Stick Red Plastic
Item: AB9UPM
Model: 2FDK7
€2.10 /unit
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Paint Trim Guide Abs With Stainless Steel Blade 12 In
Item: AB9UPH
Model: 2FDK3
€9.28 /unit
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Paste Brush Plastic Fill Type Poly
Item: AB9UPD
Model: 2FDJ8
€10.75 /unit
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Stiff Paint Shield Aluminium 36 Inch 18 Inch Handle
Item: AB3HXC
Model: 28031
€42.47 /unit
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Trim And Roller Kit
Item: CH4PUA
Model: 2007130
€3.90 /unit
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Wallpaper Seam Roller

Wallpaper Seam Roller

Item: AB9UPB
Model: 2FDJ6
€13.13 /unit
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Wax Wedge Refill

Wax Wedge Refill

Item: AD2XYG
€2.35 /unit
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Paint and Wallpaper Tools

Paint and wallpaper tools are designed to prepare surfaces, streamline walls & provide easy cleaning during painting and wallpapering applications. These paint and finishing tools like brushes and rollers make it easier to mix & clean paint, remove lids and roll off excess paint. Raptor Supplies offers a wide range of paint and wallpaper tools from brands like Grainger, Hyde, New Stripe, Fast Cap & more. Paint shields and trim guides provide a straight edge and protect against splatter & over-painting. They are ideal for windows, doors, corners and ceilings to prevent smudges. Paint strainers are used to free paint from clumps, debris and other contaminants before use. They are used to prepare the paint for use in a paint sprayer or to strain old cans of paint before starting a paint job.

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