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Air Velocity Probe With Temperature
Item: AC8JNX
Model: 962
€1,530.22 /unit
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Air Velocity Transmitter, 6 Inch Probe, 1/2 Inch Dia., LED Display
Item: AB6RVA
Model: 641-6-LED
€1,314.01 /unit
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Air Velocity Transmitter, LCD Display, Analog, 7.64 Inch Probe Length
Item: CH9PEF
Model: AVUL-5DB1-LCD
€647.21 /unit
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Anemometer Thermo
Item: AE2KTX
Model: 45118
€140.56 /unit
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Anemometer Vane
Item: AA9AMB
Model: 407113
€617.81 /unit
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Hood Balancing Instrument

Hood Balancing Instrument

Item: CJ2LGC
Model: A-SAH-14S
€3,077.20 /unit
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Hot Wire Anemometer
Item: AE7NYK
Model: 407123-NIST
€773.04 /unit
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Hot Wire Thermo-Anemometer, Datalogger, 1 to 3600s Sampling Rate
Item: CD4DLC
Model: SD-4214
€563.47 /unit
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Portable Wind Meter Balls

Portable Wind Meter Balls

Item: AD3BLX
Model: A-376
€30.87 /pack
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Pressure Anemometer, Differential
Item: AH8GLM
Model: ANE-1
€1,017.57 /unit
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Thermo Anemometer Datalogger Nist
Item: AF2XCG
Model: SDL300-NIST
€993.39 /unit
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Thermo Hygrometer Humidity And Temperature Probe, With Coiled Cable.
Item: AB6RUX
Model: RP1
€361.74 /unit
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Air Movement

Testing the movement of air such as velocity, direction and much more is necessary for proper HVACsystem balance. Hence you must choose from our wide range of choices of handheld air velocity andanemometers for reliable and precise way of measuring air movement. Our devices can be mounted into hard to reach places and give precise flow rates for velocity and temperature for the convenience ofour customers.

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