With its headquarters located in Davidson, North Carolina, United States, Ingersoll Rand has been manufacturing various equipment & tools for aerospace, construction, automotive, chemical processing, cosmetics, food & beverage, manufacturing, electronics, oil & gas and mining industries. Read More



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  • Air Belt Sanders

    Ingersoll Rand low-vibration, industrial duty rated angle belt sanders are ideal for removing light material, cleaning rough-casting, cleaning up welds, as well as other finishing work. They feature a spring-loaded latch to avoid accidental throttle and have a maximum free speed rating of 12000 rpm.

  • Air Cut-Off Tools

    Ingersoll Rand industrial-duty and general-duty air cut-off tools remove mufflers and tailpipes in exhaust replacement applications and cut through sheet metal, nuts and bolts. They feature an ergonomically designed handle for maximum operator comfort and reduced cold transfer.

  • Air Disc Sanders

    Ingersoll Rand air disc sanders grind and smooth the surfaces of hard materials, such as wood, metal & plastic using air power. They feature an adjustable, built-in regulator for positive speed control and have a maximum free speed rating of 20000 rpm.

  • Air Drills

    Ingersoll Rand offers handheld and fixtured drills in compact sizes that drill or pound into the surfaces, such as hard rocks in construction and maintenance applications. They have a heavy-duty double-row spindle for more accurate holes and less damage to parts.

  • Air Finishing Sanders

    Ingersoll Rand air finishing sanders feature twin-piston design that keeps extra power in reserve to avoid stalling. They handle heavy-duty sanding jobs like smoothing down body filler or shaping and levelling large flat surfaces.

  • Air Grinders

    Ingersoll Rand air-powered grinders and cut-off tools rotate abrasive wheels or other attachments for removing material and ready surfaces for coating. These tools are powered by compressed air and are lightweight to reduce user fatigue during increased use.

  • Air Hammer Chisel Retainers

    Ingersoll Rand air hammer chisel retainers are designed to secure the chisel inside an air hammer while keeping it loose and easily controllable while cutting or carving hard surfaces and breaking stones.

  • Air Hammers

    Ingersoll Rand chipping hammers offer a long barrel that permits a longer stroke length and more driving force than air hammers. They remove heavy slag and buildup, chip away attached layers, tear out fused materials and break down assembled components.

  • Air Impact Wrenches

    Ingersoll Rand air impact wrenches are designed to loosen or tighten nuts and other mechanical fasteners in high-volume, high-torque applications, such as assembly and automotive operations. These wrenches have a bronze end-plate that reduces the risk of dropping the nuts or bolts. They feature Twin hammer mechanism, ensuring consistent power and balance.

  • Air Nibblers and Shears

    Ingersoll Rand air nibblers and shears provide superior control and precision while cutting metals having a maximum thickness of 18 gauge.

  • Air Pencil Grinders
  • Air Polishers and Buffers
  • Air Ratchets
  • Air Sanders
  • Air Saws
  • Air Scarifier Accessories
  • Air Screwdrivers
  • Air Tool Accessories
  • Air Tool Combination Kits
  • Die Grinders
  • Diggers Paving Breakers and Jackhammers
  • Engraving Pens
  • Needle Scalers
  • Nut Runners
  • Percussion Tools
  • Riveters
  • Torque Arms

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Ingersoll Rand catalogue comprises a broad range of products, including air compressors, sanders, buffers, grinders, polishers, chisel scalers, impact wrenches, air starters, air hammers, pulse tools, calibration equipment and more. Ingersoll Rand electric air compressors provide high pressure air output for driving a range of pneumatic equipment. These air compressors feature finned cylinders for increasing the pumps cooling in closed-off environments and have a finned copper intercooler for increasing the pump's efficiency while lowering the operating temperature. Ingersoll Rand air compressor pumps have a magnetic starter for a safe means for starting the motor under load. They offer oversized industrial grade bearings to minimise friction, extending the pump's durability. These air-cooled compressor pumps feature overhung crankshaft, individually cast cylinders and a one-piece connecting rod for minimising & simplifying the maintenance requirement.
Ingersoll Rand air hammers are designed for general cutting, scraping, chipping and light exhaust system applications in various automotive & manufacturing facilities. These air hammers feature heat treated piston and alloyed steel barrels for high reliability and have a built in power regulator for precise speed control over hammer operation. The brand also offers air gun parts, including nozzles and manifolds on Raptor Supplies.

Things To Consider

Cross-Reference Alternatives

Ingersoll Rand MPNs (manufacturer part numbers) generally cross individual references to the equivalent Speedaire & Gast model numbers. So, if you're looking for a competitor air compressor that is either out of stock or obsolete, chances are Raptor Supplies has the equivalent Ingersoll Rand product available.


These Ingersoll Rand equipment & tools come in a range of sizes & packages and require packaging depending upon the size of the equipment to be shipped. Hence, they are delivered in packaging that ensures equipment safety during transit. Ingersoll Rand equipment & tools are suitable for courier shipment and air freight.

Major Trade Names

INGERSOLL-RAND Competitive Advantages

Ingersoll Rand V-Shield Technology

Ingersoll Rand V-Shield Technology is utilised in air compressors to reduce the number of overall connections inside the air compressor, thereby reducing the leak paths that may decrease the efficiency of the air compressor. Using the V-Shield Technology, all the critical fittings inside the air compressors are secured with O-Ring face seals for eliminating any distortion. Additionally, the braided PTFE & stainless steel hoses further reduce the chances of leakage.

Ingersoll Rand Progressive Adaptive Control (PAC)

The Ingersoll Rand's Progressive Adaptive Control feature is employed in air compressors. This feature precisely monitors the key operating parameters while continuously adapting to eliminate unexpected downtime. This feature also adjusts the system output for addressing it in response to the extreme outside conditions while ensuring continuous operation.

Ingersoll Rand Variable Inlet Guide Vanes

Ingersoll Rand centrifugal air compressors have variable inlet guide vanes for minimising the power requirement, increasing system efficiency. These guide vanes generate a whirling motion on inlet airflow in the same direction as the impeller operation. It reduces the work input requirement and maximises the compressor performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Ingersoll Rand compressors be left filled with compressed air?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to leave air compressors filled with compressed air for extended periods. However, it is recommended to drain the compressed air tanks when not in use.

Can Ingersoll Rand air compressors overheat?

No, the air compressors from Ingersoll Rand feature a built-in cooling system for ensuring the air compressor does not get overheated while operating in closed spaces. Selected models have built-in cooling mechanism and certain products have finned design for eliminating the chances of overheating.

What are Ingersoll Rand reciprocating air compressors?

Ingersoll Rand reciprocating air compressors feature a crankshaft-driven piston and cylinder arrangement for compressing the air and supplying it to various pneumatic tools and machinery. These compressors have compact design, making them suitable for light to medium duty applications.

What are Ingersoll Rand centrifugal air compressors?

Ingersoll Rand centrifugal air compressors generate compressed air by centrifugal force. These large compressing machines have radial design and are suitable for large scale applications. These centrifugal air compressors work under constant pressure for generating compressed air.

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