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  • Belt Accessories

    Cordless belt welding kits used for quick and effective welding of non-reinforced polyurethane round and V-belting. Include four rechargeable batteries, a charger, cutting shears, flash cutters and a tool bag

  • Round Belts

    Adjustable link round belts made of composite polyurethane / polyester to maintain optimal tension throughout the belt's life, eliminating the need of re-tensioning. Available in 25- and 100-ft variants

  • V-Belts

    Industrial V-belts used to transmit torque in fans, motors, automobile engines and conveyors. Made of composite polyurethane or polyester and available in composite and linked variants

Sheaves and PulleysView all

  • Idler Sheaves

    V-belt idler pulleys for use with self-adjusting belt tensioners to transfer power within pumps, grinders and conveyor belts. Feature glass-reinforced nylon construction and radial support ribs for additional belt support

  • V-Belt Pulleys

    Fixed bore V-belt pulleys to maintain optimum pressure and to guide belts in fans, motors and conveyors. Made of glass-reinforced nylon and feature machined grooves for high concentricity

Chain and ToolsView all

  • Chain
  • Chain Tools

    Steel-made chain pullers and detachers for use with roller chains to join and detach chain links under tension during installation and removal. Make the assembly / disassembly process easy, quick and safe

BushingsView all

  • Keyless Bushings

    Steel made bushings for motion control applications that require limited or no axial movement during installation. Offer a mechanical interface fit with uniform pressure distribution and allow quick and easy installation

Tensioners and TightenersView all

  • Chain and Belt Tensioners

    Chain and belt guides / tensioners used in power transmission drives to extend the life of drive components and to increase system efficiency. Self-adjusting tensioners also available to eliminate over-tensioning and manual re-tensioning of drives

Sprockets and Inspection Service DoorsView all

  • Idler Sprockets

    Composite idler sprockets used to maintain uniform chain tension. Made of glass-reinforced nylon and feature insertion molded ABEC-1 high-precision bearings. Available in 40, 50 and 60 chain size and 13, 15 and 17 teeth variants


Fenner Drives designs and manufactures ISO 9001:2008 certified products for power transmission, 3D printing, motion transfer and conveying applications. The Fenner Drives catalogue includes round and V-belts, chain pullers and detachers, pulleys, sprockets, and rotary and linear tensioners. Fenner Drives pulley is used to apply force, transmit power and change the speed and direction of rotation of a cable within pumps, motors and conveyors. These pulleys are made of glass-reinforced nylon and feature radial support ribs for additional belt support. To join / detach chain links easily and safely under stress during installation / removal of roller chains, Fenner Drives chain puller / detacher is used. Choose from a wide range of these high-precision products on Raptor Supplies.

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